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Dr. Charles R. Herring
Ascension Chiropractic Clinic
Patients Making An Appoint : 225-647-8712
2107 South Burnside, Suite 1, Gonzales, Louisiana 70737
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When scheduling an appointment you should do the following:
1. Print out and complete the Patient Information form (click here) and bring to the office on your first visit.  If you do not
choose to complete this form prior to coming to the office, please arrive 30 minutes ahead of your appointment time so you
will be able to complete the form prior to your appointment.
2. If you had x-rays taken at another physician’s office, it would help to have them available for your first appointment. 
3. If you had a CT scan or MRI performed in the past, please tell the receptionist and provide the name of the imaging center
where the procedure was performed.  This will give the staff time to contact the imaging facility to have your advanced imaging
delivered to the office prior to your first visit.
4. On your first visit Dr. Herring will take your history and then examine you.
5. If additional testing is needed they will be ordered.
6. After the completion of all necessary tests, Dr. Herring will review your findings and discuss treatment options with you.
7. Dr. Herring practices in an evidence-based manner and your treatment plan will be based on scientific evidence, his training
and experience, and your preferences.
8. Once treatment begins you will be re-evaluated to monitor your progress to determine the amount of treatment needed and
to make certain that those treatments being provided are helping to resolve your condition.  Treatment will be modified when
appropriate and medically indicated.
Welcome To Our Clinic
We have worked very hard to provide quality care in a friendly atmosphere.  Every effort is made to
schedule appointments in a manner that avoids long waits.  Dr. Herring has spent 40 years
developing his diagnostic and treatment skills.   Our friendly staff is very knowledgeable about
insurance companies and their benefit policies.
If you have questions or would like to make an appointment please call 225-647-8712.  You will be
scheduled for the first available appointment.
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