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About Spinal Manipulation
"Manipulation" is a term used to describe a variety of techniques used in the treatment of spine and
extremity disorders.  Manipulative techniques are used by other healthcare professions, but those
techniques are administered to create general movement of several vertebrae at one time.  Chiropractors
prefer the term “Adjustment” that is typically administered more specifically and directed toward a
single, spinal segment or joint.  Many chiropractic adjustments result in a “popping” sound that is
experienced by the patient, but there are other forms of manipulation or adjustment that do not result in
the traditional “popping” sound.  Often times other physical medicine procedures are employed in
conjunction with the adjustment to reduce pain and spasm or stretch and strengthen muscles and
There are many techniques utilized by chiropractors.  Those listed below are the primary techniques
used by Dr. Herring. Other techniques may be required with individual patients.  No single technique
works for all patients. 
• Gonstead                                         • Herring Cervical Technique
• Diversified                                       • Cox Flexion-Distraction
• Thompson                                       • Rehabilitation
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